Chat rules

The Chat is provided as a place for members to ask questions, get help, and to learn more about the site.

If you have a question, please ask. If unanswered, please visit the support page or create a support ticket.

Please review the rules that must be followed:

    1. Do not name/discuss other similar sites - even if a task for it is available.
    2. Do not discuss or ask for contact info (email / Facebook / gamer tags / IM / name / etc).
    3. Do not flood Chat with spam, meaningless posts, or over-complaints. Don't be annoying. No caps.
    4. Do earn at least 500+ points in the past week. This is a good minimum to follow to be able to chat.
    5. No name calling, cursing, vulgar language, personal attacks, etc. Respect and be courteous.
    6. No asking how to become part of staff; about sites' finances; or about sites' workings.
    7. Do not discuss cancelling CC/trial tasks or consistently complain about tasks not crediting.
    8. No discussion of fake/illegal activities (bots, generators, hacking, torrents) or ways to commit fraud.
    9. No asking for free points, gift cards, or codes. No sharing staff-created point booster codes.
    10. Inappropriate topics (illness, personal issues, politics, religion, tragedy, etc.) can / will be removed.
    11. No outside links allowed.

Even if no rule exists, what an admin or moderator says in the Chat goes as final.

We reserve the right to protect the integrity of the Chat and instaGC as a whole by any means deemed necessary: deleting posts, banning (temporary or permanent) members, restricting Chat access, banning members from site. Such consequences are a result of violating the rules & terms set forth. You are responsible for your account's actions.

We want the Chat to be a pleasant place for everyone. What is posted in the Chat is a reflection of the site. By following these simple rules, we hope that our site will be seen in a positive light and continue to grow, thus providing a place for everyone to earn rewards and win prizes.