What are frozen points?

Frozen points are a good thing - this means your task has credited. After it has credited, some points will be frozen before they are added to your current points balance. This is done for loss prevention and precaution.

There are two basic conditions when your points will freeze:

  • any offer, survey, or task completion valued at 225+ points or any PPC task -> 5+ days
  • any credit card, shopping, or trial offer, regardless of point value -> 14+ days

If your points have been frozen for longer than the estimated time frame (5+ or 14+ days), please create a support ticket.

Reminder -> For any CC/trial offer: The frozen point time frame is not equal to the trial time frame of an offer. Test out the product/service for as long as possible as each has its own specific trial period. Cancelling right away or too early will result in no points being rewarded or reversal of points already received.