What is a point booster code?

Point booster codes are used to increase your point total. They are either admin, member, or system generated.

There are three types of point booster codes:

  • Admin-generated codes can be found in the Chat, on random instaGC pages, on social (Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter) pages.
  • Member-generated codes can be found primarily in the Chat as well as wherever else that member chooses to post it at.
  • System-generated codes can be found in the Chat. For these, there are a limited amount of uses available so the quicker you are at redeeming them the better your chances are.

Admin or system generated point booster codes are redeemable to active members only. You or one of your referrals must have received credit for at least one task in the past five days in order to redeem for one of these types of codes. Member-generated codes can be redeemed no matter your activity level.

Reminder - If you do not create a code, please do not share codes you may find on Chat, Facebook, other sites, or codes other members create.