Why do I have to provide my ID?

At times (especially when multiple accounts exist within the same household or use the same Internet connection), you may be required to provide a photo ID with a name and an address that match your instaGC account.

If asked to provide for verification, please follow the directions below:

  • Submit a valid drivers license or state-issued card - make sure name/address are visible.
  • ID must not be expired and address must be current.
  • Place your ID on a piece of paper that includes today's date and your username hand-written.
  • The information can be attached to a support ticket or emailed for review.

Important notes about ID verification:

Your Social Security Number (SSN) and Driver License Number (DLN) are not needed and will never be asked for. If either of these pieces of information are visible on your document, feel free to blur/hide them. Also feel free to blur out any picture or photo of yourself too.

Once received, ID review generally concludes within 0-48 hours. The ID information will only be used to verify that your name/address is valid and legitimate. Please refer to the Privacy Policy in regards to security precautions to your information.