Learning the basics

Illustration of Learning the basics

Sometimes completing offers can be frustrating and nearly impossible. Let us teach you everything you need to know about the basics of completing offers.

Earn points

On the Earn Points page we list several different offer walls. Offer walls are basically another place that provides more offers for you to complete. We list offers on the instaGC wall and to keep the offers updating constantly we have other companies provide us with more by adding their walls.

Offer walls provide many different types of offers you can complete such as watching videos, listening to music, etc.

Submit real information

You must use your real, valid information at all times. Using fake info will result in you being considered a fraud. Your account will be suspended and you might face legal action as well.

If you don't want to submit your info on an offer, do other offers that don't request it.

Use multiple email addresses

You don't have to submit the same email you used to make an account here on offers. It is recommended that you create new emails often (from gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc) to use for offers.

All email addresses you use need to be created by you and cannot be a disposable/temporary email. The reason for this is that some offers require you to confirm your email address.

Sometimes offers won't tell you to confirm your email yet it has to be confirmed for you to receive credit. So make sure you check your email even if they don't tell you to.

Have patience

One of the most important qualities to have while completing offers is patience. Most offers don't credit exactly after you complete them so don't get frustrated when that doesn't happen.

When completing offers, many users have found these tricks helped them receive points.

  1. Make sure each page fully loads before filling out information.
  2. Leave the last page of the offer open once completed for a few minutes or until it credits.
  3. Wait a short period of time before completing your next offer.

Most of the time, offers will credit shortly after you complete them but be patient. It might take longer than a few minutes.