Redeem points for gift cards

The main reward option for redeeming your points is through instant gift cards. To date, over 1,434,500+ gift cards have been redeemed worldwide.

Gift card options

Over 320+ gift card options exist and all can be found at the Instant gift cards store. Use the search and/or filtering options to find the gift card option you are most interested in.

Points needed to redeem

Gift card options range from $1 to $500. So for example, for a $1 gift card, you need 100 points to redeem for it.

Verification process

Prior to your first gift card reward redemption, you will have to verify your account through a one-time phone verification process. An automated phone call or text will provide you with a code that you must properly enter.


  • Are the gift cards really instant? - Yes.
  • How do I receive my gift card? - The gift card code details are instantly displayed on your device/screen once you redeem your points.
  • Can my gift card be physically mailed to me? - No, all gift cards are digital and electronic.
  • Can I use my gift card in store or online or both? - There are details on each gift card page as to how it can be used.
  • If a gift card is out of stock, will it be back? - Yes, as quickly as possible. To be alerted as soon as an option is restocked, click on the out-of-stock amount you desire.
  • What is a non-instant gift card? - Options that are either higher-valued or rare may sometimes be offered as a non-instant gift card. For these, you would have to request it which uses your points at that time and then we are alerted to get it in stock for you. Generally it takes 1-48 hours for it to be in stock after your request is made.