Referral basics

Illustration of Referral basics

One of the most efficient ways to earn points is to get referrals. Here you will learn what referrals are, how you can make points from them, and how to get them.

What are referrals?

A referral is someone who signs up to instaGC using a specific link you provide them with. You receive 10 points for each person that signs up and confirms their account as well as 10% of what they earn (excluding bonuses they earn). Grab your referral link to get started.

How do you get referrals?

There are many ways to get referrals online such as by advertising on related sites, posting on forums, commenting on blogs, starting your own blog or site, or through social marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc).

A good idea would be to email your friends and family about the site and how you actually can get free instant gift cards. Just make sure you include your referral link.

Many offline methods include handing out business cards, creating flyers to post, or by telling friends and family.

Where do you get referrals?

Now that you know what referrals are and how to get them, finding out where to get them from should be easier. Please note that spamming your referral link is not tolerated (posting it to places that don't allow for it).

  1. To find places to pay to advertise, you could simply use instaGC search (or any search engine), to find related types of sites (paid to click, get paid to, paid to read, paid to signup, traffic exchange, downline builder).
  2. Searching for forums should be easy as well. You could search for specific forums related to certian gift cards that are offered (view the instant gift cards store to see the list of options available) and target people who prefer them (example: forum dedicated to Etsy or forum dedicated to Microsoft Points).
  3. Making related and appropriate comments on blogs and including your referral link is an easy and free way to advertise. Additionally, you could start your own blog for free by using a service such as You could make your blog a general site about instaGC itself or about a specific gift card option that is offered. Using keywords in your blog often (such as what others would search for) would help your blog appear in search engine results more often.
  4. Using social media is one of the best and free methods to gain referrals from online advertising. Posting on your Facebook or Twitter advertises your link to dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of users. Creating a YouTube video with a title such as Free Microsoft Points and showing how to complete free offers to get a free card would be a great way to advertise on YouTube.
  5. The best overall method of getting truly active referrals is by word of mouth. Referring your friends, family, co-workers, etc. has been the best in all sorts of ways. They tend to trust you more and you can easily show them proof that it works, and you can teach them how to do well also.

Have your own tips?

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