Answer surveys

Surveys are a great source of points. Lots of them available from the Surveys area!

Getting access

Survey access is granted to those once 500 points have been earned. Countries currently with access: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States.

Survey area

Before attempting your first survey, you would need to make sure your profile information is completely filled out. Once this is done, compete your standard profile - which is located on the survey page itself. These actions will help ensure that you are matched to the most appropriate surveys.

Answering surveys

The easiest and best crediting surveys will be shown first in each survey section. Find the survey you would like to attempt and click on Start for that survey. Continue going through the survey until it's completed or you get disqualified.

Getting disqualified

At times, you may get disqualified for attempting a survey, possibly even from just clicking one or after one of the initial questions. Don't let this get you discouraged. There are plenty of surveys to attempt and it's better to get DQ'ed at the very beginning than several minutes into it. On your first five disqualifications (DQ's) of the day, you will receive a 1 point bonus each. If you have more than 10 DQ's in that same day, no bonus point will be awarded.