Signup for trials

Illustration of Signup for trials

Trial offers are a great way to get hundreds of points but can be confusing. Here are some tips to help you start completing trial offers

What is a trial offer

A trial offer is exactly what it sounds like. You sign up to sign up for a trial period of a product. For example, an offer may say something like "Signup for the 7-day free trial."

It's pretty much all spelled out for you and isn't hard to understand what the objective is. The only thing that you have to do after signing up for the trials is to wait for your points to credit. Usually you will get your points when the trial is over.

Here are some important points

  • Trial offers will automatically be locked once credited by the advertiser. They will remain locked for up to two weeks for fraud prevention. You may not cancel a trial offer as soon as you receive credit for it. Most trial offers have a trial period that you can test or try out the product/service within that time frame. Cancelling a trial offer as soon as it credits will in turn cause the offer to be reversed and you would lose any credit earned as well as facing account suspension.
  • If you have completed an offer before on another site, you may not complete it here. Completing the same offer more than once is fraud.
  • Only complete offers that you are genuinely interested in as not all offers are guaranteed to credit.

To start completing trial offers, visit the trial page.