Weekly bonus

Every week (Sunday - Saturday) you can earn up to a 5% bonus for your activity.

How it works...

Completing tasks (offers, surveys, videos, etc) and referring users will earn you "Bonus Units".

Each bonus unit is equal to 0.01%, therefore 100 bonus units is equal to 1% bonus.

Each day you can earn a max of 100 bonus units.

The max you can earn in a week, including rollover (discussed below) is 500 bonus units (5%), which allows flexibility throughout the week.

Half of whatever bonus you earn in a week will automatically rollver to the following week for free. For example if you earn a 4% bonus in a week you'll start with 2% the next week instead of starting completely back over at 0%.


The bonus percentage will be applied to the total amount of points you earned from referrals and tasks for the week.

For example if your bonus percentage is 2.5% and you received 1,000 points completing tasks + 500 points from referrals completing tasks, then you would receive 37.5 points (1500 * 2.5%).

There is no max/cap to the amount of bonus points you can earn.

The bonus can be claimed after 12:10 AM EDT/EST the following Sunday. You will have 30 days to claim before it expires.